FALL 2018: ROCK ON! Paige went on tour and performed in her third regional production of
A NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN. After starring as Janis at North Carolina Theatre and Ivoryton Playhouse, she returned to the show at La Mirada Theatre as the alternate for Mary Bridget Davies  - who rejoined the show that earned her a

Tony Nomination in 2014!

FEBRUARY 2018: BLESS UP! Paige has returned to NYC after touring Asia for 10 months as
Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours in SISTER ACT 
with Troika Productions/Broadway Entertainment Group!

JUNE 2016: Paige is back in NYC after a year on the road in the 2015-2016 National Tour of Mamma Mia!

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"As Janis Joplin, Paige McNamara channels the singer's voice and electrifying charisma. ...
But there's nothing forced about McNamara's Joplin.
She takes us back to the ’60s and brings Janis to electrifying life."

"McNamara embodied the role beyond what seems possible. Not only does she look uncannily like Joplin in her prime, but she also explodes with the singer’s wild energy...McNamara’s Joplin is a young woman possessed by music. In quieter moments, her charisma, combined with a hint of little girl bravado, instantly closes the distance between performer and audience.  She makes us feel loved and also desperately needed. This is a bravura turn."

-ShoreLine Times

"McNamara brilliantly captures Joplin’s hyperkinetic stage presence, which was fueled by drugs and alcohol. Her legs can’t stop jerking; her arms shoot up as exclamation points; her body channels the rhythm and beat of the music. There are moments when you think she might just explode out of her skin, that what she is experiencing on stage is sheer synesthesia, a mesh and merger of sight and sound
that enflames her mind

- CT Theater News & Reviews

"McNamara gives a standout performance that sends sparks, shivers and meg-a-fueled adrenaline throughout the Ivoryton Playhouse. And, well it should. It's a part that the actress plays and owns magnificently from the moment she takes the stage. Her dizzying, full-throated versions of Joplin's music immediately harkens the late singer's signature's wild growls, maddening moans and crazy screeches. She also swigs down booze from a bottle in much the same way as Joplin. Her laughs, grins, crazy faces, tipping of the microphone stand, holding of the hand mic and storytelling bits between songs is in sync with that of the late singer.
Her constant jumping around the stage during loud, pulsating instrumentals is wonderfully Joplinesque. "

-From The Desk of Jim R, Take 2

CARRIE in Provincetown, MA

"...remarkable...[McNamara's] is a powerful performance that will not be soon forgotten."
 The Cape Cod Times

"With strength, raw emotionality, and vocal beauty, Paige McNamara knocks it out of the ballpark and brings down the house. See McNamara now, and you can say you saw her when."
The Provincetown Banner

"Paige McNamara is a tour de force of talent… Her character work here is riveting and her vocals are both powerful and nuanced....she reveals each layer like an article of clothing being added or removed. The loudest applause at curtain call was deservedly for Ms. McNamara."